Other albums by Tom Varner


Long Night Big Day • Motion/Stillness • Covert Action

Tom Varner: Long Night Big Day Tom Varner: Long Night Big Day (New World)
Phil Haynes, drums; • Lindsey Horner, bass • Ed Jackson, alto saxophone • Rich Rothenberg, tenor saxophone • Tom Varner, French horn

Big Day • Search for Sanity • Wind Trio + • Prince of Jamaica (Queens) • March for the Cocoon Shredders • Arts and Leisure  • Prayer for Deliverance • Cabin in the Future • Long Night
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Tom Varner Quartet: MOTION/STILLNESS Tom Varner Quartet: Motion/Stillness (Soul Note)
Tom Varner, French horn • Ed Jackson, alto saxophone • Ed Schuller, bass • Billy Hart, Adam Nussbaum, drums
Subway Awakening • Study #1 • Neutron Bomb Shuffle • New Moonshiner • Freddy Did It • Indian Summer • The Otter • Comme Il Faut
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Tom Varner: COVERT ACTION Tom Varner: Covert Action (New Note)
Bobby Previte, drums • Mike Richmond, bass • Tom Varner, French horn
Covert Action • Radiator  • Meditation for D Sharpe • Let's Call This • Hemaglobin • Dance for Bobby P • They Say It's Wonderful • Happy Trails
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