Tom Varner: Mystery of Compassion (Soul Note 121217)


Cover of The Mystery of CompassionFrench horn player Varner is among the most imaginative and original composers and arrangers in jazz.  He transcends the genre's boundaries without ever losing its feeling.  His ingenious arrangements are played here by an occasionally augmented quintet which includes half the 29th Street Saxophone Quartet and explores the full range of instrumental textures in truly distinctive fashion.

Tom Varner, French horn;  Ed Jackson, alto saxophone;  Rich Rothenberg, tenor saxophone;  Mike Richmond, bass;  Tom Rainey, drums.  With Matt Darriau, alto saxophone;  Ellery Eskelin, tenor saxophone;  Jim Hartog, baritone saxophone;  Steve Swell, trombone;  Mark Feldman, violin.

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  1. How Does Power Work? (9:32)
  2. Water and Wood (5:56)
  3. Fool's Oasis (8:26)
  4. A Severed Arm (1:01)
  5. The Well (13:52)
  6. Death at the Right Time (7:21)
  7. Control Passion (9:53)
  8. Plunge (0:53)
  9. $1000 Hat (14:15)
  10. Prayer (3:20)

All compositions composed and arranged by Tom Varner (Tom Varner Music, BMI).

Recorded 5-7 March 1992 at Baby Monster Studio, New York City, NY.
Engineer: Bryce Goggin
Assistant Engineer: Rojo

Producer: Bobby Previte
Executive Producer: Flavio Bonandrini

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