Tom will be a featured artist at the International Horn Society's Annual Symposium on June 22, 2011. It will be great to see many horn friends from all over the world. For more information:

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Many of Tom's recordings are now available as downloads at Itunes and at Amazon.

Heaven and Hell, Tom's new CD, is now out! Click here for lots of info and a discount (put 'heaven' in the promo code).

Julius Watkins Jazz French Horn Festival! After a ten-year break, the 6th one was held in Seattle on October 3, 2009-Tom Varner, John Clark, Vincent Chancey, Adam Unsworth, and more! A great success. Read more at:, and an Earshot piece on the event is at, page 9.

Tom Varner Tentet-OmniTone cd release celebration! Tom's performance of his new work and cd Heaven and Hell, was at Seattle's Earshot Jazz Festival, Good Shepherd Chapel in Wallingford, October 29, 2009. An Earshot 2008 interview about the piece, from the time of its premiere and recording, is at , on page 8. This concert featured NY trumpet master Russ Johnson, and Seattleites Mark Taylor, Eric Barber, Byron Vannoy, and more.

In Fall 2005, Tom Varner moved to Seattle with his wife Terri and kids Jack and Hope.  Read about the move — and a lot more — at January '05 Earshot Jazz newsletter [5 pages].

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Photo by Daniel Sheehan